2022.3: Our First Newsletter
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2022.3: Our First Newsletter

Thanks for being early subscribers and getting the first-ever Home Assistant Newsletter. We plan to send news out every month to make sure everyone is aware of any Home Assistant updates!

Easily play camera streams via Automations

Media Selector Automation Example

Have you ever heard your doorbell ring and had to pull out your phone to check who was there? What if that could be automated to show on your TV? Or playing your favorite radio station when you arrive home?

Well, now it is super easy to play your media on any device using the Play Media Action and the Media Browser to find all of your media.

30,000 Radio Stations

Radio Browser stations

You can now listen to over 30,000 radio stations in 100s of countries with the new Radio Browser Integration. Now everyone can take advantage of using the Media Browser and Play Media Action.

Adding the Radio Browser to your Home Assistant instance is as easy as clicking the My Home Assistant button below. No other setup prerequisites, logins, or API keys are needed.

Add radio browser integration to your Home Assistant instance.

Local Media Management

Media Management UI

We heard you! You wanted a way to upload your favorite media really easily. Well... Now you can!

In the media browser, you can now easily upload your favorite music, images, and short videos! There is also the ability to delete these files all using the Manage button in the browser.

February 1st
Annual Plans are available
As of February 1st, annual subscriptions to Home Assistant Cloud are available for the United States. ūüéČ
Read more about the announcement on the Nabu Casa website
Home Assistant Yellow
We successfully crowdfunded Home Assistant Yellow, the easiest way to get started with Home Assistant.
You can still pre-order yours today!

Streamlining Experiences

Year of 2022

For 2022 the motto will be ‚Äústreamlining experiences‚ÄĚ. We want to better organize and integrate all the different features that make up Home Assistant.

For example, there should be a built-in way, for both YAML and the UI, to easily send a notification with a camera snapshot to your phone, pick a song to play for an automation, or use text-to-speech to notify you when something is happening. All these things are possible today but require too much knowledge of how the various parts work.